Yuanqi Du

Yuanqi Du is a CS PhD student at Cornell University, working on Artificial Intelligence with Prof. Carla P. Gomes. During the past, he spent time at AMLab at University of Amsterdam advised by Prof. Max Welling and DP Technology supervised by Dr. Linfeng Zhang. He is a passionate community builder, which he founded the series of AI for Science workshops, co-founded a new Learning on Graphs conference, led an initiative AI for Science 101 building knowledge systems for AI for Science. He received Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from George Mason University in 2021. He is very fascinated by Sciences and interested in developing ML tools for scientific problems, especially for new knowledge discovery. He is actively collaborating with researchers in chemistry, biology, physics, and machine learning. He maintains a slack channel for AI for Science, feel free to join and say Hi to people here!

Research Interests

  • Probabilistic Machine Learning
  • Geometric Deep Learning
  • Interpretability (Science of AI)
  • Science of Science
  • Education (esp. AI for Science)
  • Search, Optimization and Sampling Problems
  • AI for Science (Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Materials/Sustainability/etc)

News and Travels! Follow me @Twitter

  • 11/23 I will travel to NeurIPS 2023, present LEFTNet, PIPS, M2Hub, and host Comp Sustainability (12/15), AI for Science workshop (12/16), let me know if you like to chat!
  • Second Learning on Graphs conference will be held from Nov 27-30th, fully virtual and free to attend for all!
  • 7/23 I will travel to ICML 2023, present Flexible Diffusion, and host our SPIGM workshop, let me know if you like to chat!
  • 6/22 We are launching a new initiative AI for Science 101 that aims to encourage knowledge-sharing and collection in AI for Science, find out what we are doing and why we are doing and read more!